Carolina Reign


Carolina Reign

August 30th • August 31st / 9pm-1am

CAROLINA REIGN is living proof that raw talent, ambition, honesty and one common goal -to make great music- can still prevail in today’s music industry.

Formed in April 2012, CAROLINA REIGN brings together the diverse talent and experience of accomplished band members Jessie Rose, Jim Louis, Rob Fender, and Rod Herrick. Their music and ability to engage their audience is bringing crowds to their feet from The Carolinas to Wisconsin, while they are working diligently to expand their reach across the country.

CAROLINA REIGN is breaking the mold of today’s repetitive country music sound by blending their unique style into Southern Rock flavored Country. Their high energy and love of their audience has made Carolina Reign an instant crowd-pleaser. Whiskey Excuse, their hard-hitting original ballad, has quickly become a chart-topper and fan favorite.

With a plethora of musical tastes and backgrounds, suggesting a range of influences from Miranda Lambert and Lynyrd Skynyrd to KISS and Conway Twitty, the band CAROLINA REIGN shows no limitation of ability and style.

A CAROLINA REIGN show is one that is NOT to be missed! A combination of high energy, audience interaction and down-home country fun makes CAROLINA REIGN a true crowd-pleaser in every venue they appear!

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