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How to Bet Basketball Casino Sports Betting Dakota Magic

How to Bet Basketball: Casino Sports Betting Dakota Magic

A Brief Intro…

  • How do you bet on basketball at Dakota Magic Casino & Hotel? There are a number of ways to make a wager, including betting with the Point Spread, the Total, or the Money Line. 
  • If betting with the point spread, the favored team needs to win by the number of points posted to win the bet. The underdog can also lose by the same number. 
  • If you believe that both basketball teams will score over or under a combined number of points, then you’re betting with the Total.
  • When betting the Money Line, the more favored the team, the more points you will need to win by.
  • The most popular way to bet on basketball is the parlay, which is one big bet that groups two or more teams and increases your payout.

Basketball is one of the most exciting sports to watch. You can feel the excitement build every time a player goes up for a layup or sinks a 3-pointer from downtown. And now that you can wager on the outcome of any professional and collegiate game at Dakota Magic Casino & Hotel, making a dunk means something more. But before you lay your money down, you need to know the basics of betting on basketball. 

The typical betting sheet of the Dakota Nation Sportsbook displays multiple games and betting options, including wagering with the Point Spread, the Total, or the Money Line. Just like football, the most popular betting method for basketball is the point spread. Unless otherwise specified, the team displayed on the bottom will always be the home team, and the point spread is always to the immediate right of the favored team. 

Betting the Point Spread

The simplest and fastest wager is a straight bet, with those wagers applied to the point spread figured at odds of 10/11 unless otherwise noted. If your team “covers the spread” to win (or not lose) by the set margin of points, your $11 bet wins you $10 and returns $21.

For example, if the Timberwolves are favored to beat the Lakers by three points, the final score must show Nuggets winning by four points or more to win your bet. But if you bet the Lakers, you can win if the following happens:

  • The Lakers win the game.
  • The Lakers lose by 2 points or less.

A “push” happens if the Nuggets win by 3 points. All money is refunded. Point spreads can change at any time, but the point spread listed on your ticket is the number you keep.

Betting the Total

Another 10/11 odds wager (unless otherwise noted) is betting on the “Total,” also known as the over/under. Simply put, you’re putting money on whether the total points score in a game will be above or below a certain amount

In the example above, the Total on the Timberwolves/Lakers game is 201. If wagering on the Over, the total points must be 202 and above. The total points must be 200 or less if betting on the Under. If the final score finishes EXACTLY on 201 points, your wager will result in a tie or also known as a push. Any push results in a refund of the original bet. 

Betting the Money Line

If you rather bet on the odds instead of points, then the Money Line is for you. With this kind of wager, you have to lay more money down the more a team is favored to win. For example, if the Timberwolves’ odds are -145, a $14.50 bet would win $10 for a return of $24.50. If you want to be on the Lakers, whose odds of winning are +125, a $10 bet would win $12.50 for a return of $22.50.

Betting a Basketball Parlay

If you want to go big or go home, then try the Parlay. It consists of bets on two to eight teams. Every selection on your ticket will increase your payout, including point spreads, totals, and money lines that are available at the time of your wager. But your risk also goes up because every team and/or total must be a winning selection to take home a big payday! Payoffs are calculated by multiplying the conversion (odds equivalent to one dollar) of the teams in the bet by the amount wagered. For example:

Timberwolves -2 -110
Timberwolves over 201 -110
Warriors -9 -110

Player wagers $100 on this 3-team parlay. Payoff = $100 multiplied by: 1.91 x 1.91 x 1.91 = Payout of $696.80 (Winnings of $596.80).

Place Your Bet at Dakota Nation Sportsbook

Dakota Nation Sportsbook - Inside View
Inside the Dakota Nation Sportsbook at Dakota Magic Casino & Hotel

Come into the Dakota Nation Sportsbook and place your bet with one of our friendly Sportbook team members.  Then, enjoy delicious food and drinks while you relax and immerse yourself in the excitement of the game!  The odds are always great for fun.

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