June 5th • June 6th


The Variety Cover Band That Rocks Them All

When looking for a rockin’ cover band to send your party in the right direction, look no further than BOOMTOWN. This dynamic band plays  ALL genres of dance music from the 60s and 70s, 80’s and 90’s,  up through the hits of today, ensuring that guests of all ages will want to keep dancing into the night! Full of lively energy, dynamic vocals, and a driving beat that’s always perfectly matched to the mood of your event.

With the partnership of the leading entertainment agency in the area—BITZER ENTERTAINMENT AGENCY–what else would explain a blossoming career that has found over 1000 shows in ten years of regional touring, landing  major local music events, which includes the main stages at WEFEST/RIBFEST/ THE RED RIVER VALLEY FAIR/ and THE NORTH DAKOTA STATE FAIR, as well as hundreds of rodeos, county fairs, weddings, street dance’s, night clubs, and casinos throughout North & South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

Join BOOMTOWN in their quest to build their fan base even further as they rock your socks off in 2019!!

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